Experience Reliability

Hyperia delivers “always-on” Internet to your business and home.

This means that your business can keep connected to its customers, the business community while improving your bottom-line (something which is often lost as a result of unpredictable connectivity).

Stay connected and in touch at all times. That’s good for security, entertainment, and online shopping and so much more.

In addition to this, Hyperia’s cutting edge Ka-band satellite connectivity is optimised to mitigate and limit weather fluctuations.

And because we are wireless, our Internet solutions are impervious to cable damages or infrastructure theft!

We reach areas not reached by other internet providers because we are not dependent on infrastructures like fibre or cell towers!

Experience Accessibility

Our Satellite Internet Solutions overcome physical barriers, circumventing mountain ranges, buildings, or any physical barriers to provide coverage in the most remote areas.

Your off-grid location no longer prevents you from connecting to the world. We not only take local businesses to global markets, but we also keep your business and family reliably connected to the world – wherever you are.

Experience High Capacity & Dependable Speed

Hyperia’s Ka-band satellite services encompass YahClick’s cutting edge technology and superior satellite bandwidth – providing your business and home with high capacity and dependable internet speed.

Experience Unlimited Access to Skills, Tools, Markets and Entertainment

Hyperia’s high-speed Internet solutions bring all the advantages of the Internet to your doorstep.

Whether for business or pleasure, subscribing to Hyperia is a game-changer!

From a business perspective, our high-speed solution is the gateway to data-rich online applications that deliver high-performance operational efficiencies, like online banking, online shopping, entertainment, smart farming, tourism platforms, precision agriculture, and many more. You can even discover new business opportunities and benefit from increased market access!

At home, you can invest in yourself through e-learning, professional updating, and making use of knowledge-based Internet resources, all key to developing up-to-date skills and maintaining a competitive advantage. Stream movies, video chat with your parents, listen to music. The opportunities are endless!

Experience Cost-Effective Pricing

Hyperia is a highly affordable solution. Because YahClick’s communication satellites are already in space, you don’t have to pay for one to be launched to experience high-speed Internet.

You just need a dish, a router, and a subscription that best suits your needs.

Check out our cost-effective options here.

Experience Local Service

We partner with local businesses because we know that investing in your community is important to you.

We do this by providing business opportunities and training to local businesses as an opportunity to diversify their revenue streams while at the same time uplifting and servicing their local community, with a dedicated contact centre to assist.

This model ensures that your business and family invest in your community by supporting a local business.