High speed internet connectivity wherever you are

Hyperia partners with premium international technology providers, YahClick powered by Hughes, to bring reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity to your doorstep.

We own and operate the business support systems and run the Internet Service Provider business functions required to deliver Internet services to even the remotest areas of Nigeria. This includes sales, stock management, installations, billing, collections, and support.

Our local footprint ensures that our
Internet services are tailor-made to the local context.

We partner with the communities where we install – making support and service a part of the community revenue stream and providing local anchorage for our customers.

This means that should you ever encounter a problem – the appointed service provider is in your community and available to answer questions and provide solutions. This also ensures that we have a positive socio-economic impact on the communities that we operate in – a fundamental Hyperia business value that symbolizes our commitment to our local communities.

Hyperia embraces the systemic changes that technology embeds in our lives. We are committed to the values of digital equality, employment, democracy, sovereignty, health and safety, and economic development for all our communities in Nigeria.