Where is Hyperia's YahClick Satellite Broadband Internet Service available in Nigeria?

Absolutely anywhere! YahClick is independent of fiber infrastructure, telephone lines, and mobile signal towers.  This means that Hyperia satellite offerings are available in Nigeria’s entire length and breadth – no matter how remote your location is.  Apart from your equipment installation and subscription, all you need is a clear view of the sky.

Are YahClick Satellite Internet Solutions through Hyperia, safe and secure?

Yes. Satellite Internet is considered to be more secure than other means of connectivity. This is because intercepting the beam between the dish and the satellite is far more difficult than intercepting the signal in a physical cable.

The transport link through the satellite is encrypted.

What packages do YahClick Satellite Internet Solutions offer through Hyperia?

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We offer both Unlimited and Capped Broadband Satellite internet options.

What speeds can I achieve “up to” on a Capped Package?

All our Capped Packages deliver headline speeds as follows:

  • 25 Mbps downlink (maximum best effort as per plan)
  • 3 Mbps uplink (maximum best effort as per plan)

The speed achieved on all packages is dependent on many factors, such as:

  • The general state of network loading across the Internet
  • Speed of the servers that the websites you are visiting
  • The number of concurrent active users and their activity levels on the network

All our packages are ‘best effort’ and, every measure is in place to ensure that no users take a disproportionate share of the capacity.

What is Free Zone on the Capped Plans?

During this time, you have free access to data – according to the plan you are on.  In other words, if you are on our Capped package 50GB plan – you will receive an additional 200GB FREE during our Free Zone – the ideal time to perform high volume work such as downloading larger files and performing those necessary data-hungry updates, etc. Plenty jara for you!

What happens if I run out of data on my Capped Package?

Simply purchase data & top-up your service!  Top-ups can be purchased via Interswitch’s Quickteller capability by entering your Hyperia account number, selecting top-up and entering the amount you want to pay to top-up.

Can I stream Netflix, YouTube, Irokotv, and other such sites on my Capped Package?

Yes, you can! Just be mindful that streaming can use a lot of data – so we encourage you to monitor your usage. Consider streaming in standard definition to stretch your data.

Can I check my data usage on my Capped Package?

Yes. Once you become a customer, you will get customer portal access. You will need your SAN an ESN number, enabling access to your data charts which will show you how much data you have used. There are three options available to you to check how much data is being used on your package:

  1. Call the Hyperia call center on +234-9079000095/6
  2. Email us on
  3. Log into our YahClick powered network on
What is FUP - Fair Use Policy?

Hyperia, in partnership with YahClick (powered by Hughes), is committed to ensuring fair Internet access for all our satellite broadband subscribers. To ensure this, we vigilantly maintain a special Fair Use Policy to safeguard equitable balance Internet access for all subscribers. Each plan has a separate Fair Use Policy (FUP), with generous speeds.

Is Soft Throttling applied in any of YahClick plans available through Hyperia?

To ensure fair access, soft throttling speed management is implemented on disproportionate date usage as follows:

The table shows how the Fair Use Policy is implemented through soft throttling at a first & second speed management FUP level, on disproportionate data usage, to ensure fair access.

For example, on the 25GB Unlimited plan soft throttling only starts once the customer exceeds 25 Gigabytes of data.  The line speed is then reduced to 1 Mbps at FUP level 1. 

If the same customer continues to increase their data usage and exceeds 30 Gigabytes of data, the second throttle level will be implemented.  The line speed is then reduced to 0.5 Mbps at FUP level 2.

Are there any limits on how much data I can download?

YahClick products available through Hyperia include unlimited data thresholds & ensure Fair Use Policy (FUP).

Can I check how much data is being used on my contract?

Yes, you can! There are three options available to you to check how much data is being used on your package:

Make sure that you have your Service Number (SAN) and your Equipment Serial (ESN) ready, as you will require them to log in. When inputting your ESN password, only use the numerical part of the number.

Can I stream entertainment and work from home?

Yes, you can! Satellite Internet Solutions puts entertainment and working from home at your fingertips.

YahClick Satellite Internet Solutions through Hyperia are ideal for:

  • Streaming videos, music and movies;
  • Working from home;
  • Online shopping;
  • Online banking;
  • Holiday planning;
  • Web surfing;
  • Social Networking like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, more!

For example, Netflix streaming requires a download speed of 1.5 Mbps for low quality and3 Mbps for SQ quality. Netflix streaming is limited to 3Mbps!

It is also ideal for streaming music via applications like Spotify and Napster. Music giant Spotify for example only requires .096 Mbps of speed for streaming on your phone and .1670 Mbps to listen on your computer or tablet.

Our packages also deliver good video chat capability.  Video chat users, according to Skype, need 1.5 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload, while video calls with multiple people need 8 Mbps to download.

Do our packages support interactive online learning?

Yes. Our products available through Hyperia are sufficiently fast, robust and reliable to support students to fully and successfully participate in online learning experiences; including access to online learning tools, web-based rich content (such as video), interactive digital textbooks, e-books, online assessments and student & teacher conferencing.

Are YahClick Satellite Internet Solutions through Hyperia able to support gaming?

It is important to note that real-time interactive gaming does not work over satellite internet services due to transmission latency.  “Turn-based” games, such as casino games, and strategy games, such as chess, will work fine as will popular Facebook games like Candy Crush.

You will be able to download games and game updates and use the streaming video and music services offered through your gaming system.

What is transmission latency?

Latency is the time it takes for a signal to make a round-trip journey from your smart device and back. There is a half-second delay with satellite Internet service caused by the distance that data needs to travel up to the satellite and back again.

Therefore, time-sensitive applications that require fractions-of-a-second user inputs (such as online gaming or real-time equities trading) are not supported by YahClick Internet Satellite Solutions available through Hyperia.

How much internet speed do I need?

Different households and businesses can have drastically different Internet needs.

A single person who uses the internet only to access social media won’t need as much internet speed as a business of five video conferencing, for example.

Let’s take a look at some internet speeds and what you can do with them:

  • Netflix streaming requires a download speed of 1.5 Mbps for low quality, 3 Mbps for SQ quality. Netflix streaming is limited to 3Mbps. 
  • It is also ideal for streaming music via applications like Spotify and Napster. Music giant Spotify for example only requires .096 Mbps of speed for streaming on your phone and .1670 Mbps to listen on your computer or tablet.
  • Our packages also deliver good video chat capability. Video chat users, according to Skype, need 1.5 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload, while video calls with multiple people need 8 Mbps to download.
  • Due to transmission latency, the YahClick product suite available through Hyperia does not support online gaming or real-time equities trading.

Now that you know all about Internet speed, you can see that YahClick Satellite Internet Solutions available through Hyperia has a package to suit the needs of your household and/or business.

Even when you live in a remote location, we have a package capable of delivering a different level of bandwidth to match your needs!

Why choose Satellite Internet Solutions?

Hyperia, in partnership with YahClick (powered by Hughes) partners with the communities where we install, making support and service a part of the community revenue stream. This means that should you ever encounter problems – the appointed service provider is in your community and available to answer questions and provide solutions.

We are affordable.  Our packages offer unlimited data. The YahClick product suite available through Hyperia offers different package options to suit your needs.

How long is the contract length of our Packages?

All our packages require a 12-month contract commitment.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, YahClick Satellite Internet Solutions simply works as follows:

Your smart device sends a signal request through your modem to your satellite dish and then up to our orbiting satellite, which sends a signal to us. Then, we transmit the signal back to the satellite, then to your dish, your modem, and finally, your smart device. All of this happens in less than half of a second!

How do I subscribe?

Hyperia, in partnership with YahClick (powered by Hughes) partners with local businesses to help you subscribe in three easy steps:

  • Request the order
  • Accept the contract
  • Pay the upfront fee

Hyperia will organise the rest:  arrange for the Installation of the standard equipment (the satellite dish and modem) and activate your service.

Where will you install the satellite dish?

It can be mounted on a roof, wall or via a pole mount on the ground.

Is the traffic classification and priority (Shaping) the same for all YahClick Plans?

Yes, the traffic classification and priority queues are the same for all our Plans.

Does weather affect the dish?

The service is designed to cope with most weather conditions, including wind speeds of up to 160kph.

During periods of extremely heavy rain or snow, the radio signals may become reduced but mechanisms are in place to mitigate this.

Do I need a phone or landline to use the YahClick product suite available through Hyperia?

No, our Satellite Solutions do not require a telephone line. It is a bi-directional satellite system, independent of telephone lines.

What does Congestion mean?

When the number of people using the network simultaneously increases, the Internet speed may reduce. Think of broadband as a tunnel with traffic moving through it. The more traffic in the tunnel, the slower traffic moves. In other words, you may find that during peak periods, your download speeds are slightly less than usual. This is a universal phenomenon that is commonly referred to as congestion on the network.

Are there any minimum requirements for computers when implementing a Satellite Internet Solution?

Our satellite system can connect to any smart device; PC, MAC, or laptop provided that there is a network card installed.

Is there a minimum Wi-Fi router specification required for Hyperia’s VSAT Solutions?

Yes. The minimum Wi-Fi router specification is a 2.4/5 Ghz Dual-Band Router.

What is the role of the satellite modem and do I need a wireless router?

A Satellite Modem is the hardware that connects to the internet gateway via satellite. It has an ethernet port which a router or computer can be connected to. 

Routers pass your internet connection to all your home devises, computers and phones so that they can access the internet. 

It is recommended that the client use a Wi-Fi router.

Why does a ping give a slow response over Satellite?

A ping measures the round trip for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer that is echoed back to the source.  A ping is not a reliable test for connectivity or speed.

A Satellite is based in a geostationary orbit approximately 36,000 km above the equator.  Due to this distance, it will take approximately 600 milliseconds for a ping test. 

A ping is classified as a low priority command by networks, meaning that all other applications will be processed before the ping command.  As there is no acceleration applied to the ping command, this can sometimes cause increased ping times or even a ‘time out’ – making it an undependable speed test.

How does YahClick optimize Traffic?

The YahClick Network uses a network traffic classification system (called DSCP) to optimise traffic according to the purpose of the traffic by allocating network traffic to a Class of Service (CoS). 

Through this classification, it seeks to prioritise traffic where interruptions are most noticeable and customer impacting (like voice traffic) versus activities where a delay is least interrupting or noticeable (like downloading a file). 

The dynamic management and control of this mechanism is done by highly sophisticated traffic controllers and monitors supplied by a specialist company called Procera Networks.  The traffic in the YahClick Network is classified and prioritized.