Hyperia Dedicated

Fibre Optics Connection

Dedicated Fibre Solutions

The Internet has become one of the fastest and easiest mediums to connect with the world at great speed. It assists in learning and opens up a whole new world of entertainment and knowledge. A dedicated fibre solution is the best technology available today in the market. It enables you to cater to high-speed connectivity requirements for your banking, real-time business applications, and remote working.

The service has been so reliable that many customers from other networks have migrated into the Hyperia network.


  • Cost-Effective
  • High Speed/Performance
  • Network Security
  • Supports all Applications
  • Scalable and Flexible Bandwidth
  • Full Support for Synchronous Full Duplex/Half Duplex Option;
  • Full Weatherproof/Immunity to Interference;
  • Long/Short Distance Coverage.
  • Dedicated speed up to 1G and above 
  • No Data Cap 
  • Symmetric Upload and Download speed 
  • Monitoring tools for speed and data available 
  • Last-mile fiber optic links can be installed in offices, residential buildings, Housing Estates, or University campuses


  • Dedicated/shared bandwidth;
  • Fibre / Radio last mile solution;
  • VOIP services;
  • IPTV / video streaming;
  • VPN / MPLS networks, Network security firewall;
  • Cloud computing / City solution.

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