YahClick Promo

HYPERIA and Yahsat are offering AY2 and AY3 plans with incentive for the following service plans with a fixed 12 months commitment.

New customer’s activations ONLY will receive incentive based on the service plans they choose from ones the listed below

YahClick Pro 50GB 43,800.00
YahClick Pro 75GB 64,300.00
YahClick Pro 100GB 84,800.00
YahClick Pro 200GB 160,800.00
YahClick Enterprise Pro 300GB 210,000.00
YahClick Enterprise Pro 500GB 300,000.00
YahClick 4Gen Unlimited 3Mbps 68,000.00
YahClick 4Gen Unlimited 6Mbps 100,000.00
YahClick 4Gen Unlimited 10Mbps 142,000.00
YahClick 4Gen Unlimited 16Mbps 167,000.00
YahClick 4Gen CIR 1.25Mbps 288,000.00
YahClick 4Gen CIR 2.5Mbps 504,000.00

Commencement Date:

1st of August, 2019

End Date:

31st of December, 2019

Terms and Conditions
  1. Only NEW customers/modems are eligible to these 12 months commitment plans
  2. During the contract period if a customer terminates/lock/migrate, a termination fee of ₦25000 will be charged and incentive amount will be claw back.
  3. The incentive amount will be credited, on the second invoice after the activation date, to the SP's subscription account.
  4. The termination fee will be applied on the first invoice post the event(downgrade or termination).
  5. Customer under this promo is not entitled to any other promotion/deal/incentive etc.
  6. YahClick can withdraw this Promotion at any time under its own discretion.