YahClick Win Back Promo

Hyperia Limited in partnership with YahSat is launching a win back promotion to all subscribers who had been terminated on the network.

Subscribers who had been terminated from the network on or before May, 31st 2016 can now get resubscribed back on the network.

Make payment for three (3) consecutive months on any of the approved bandwidth plans and get the fourth months absolutely FREE .

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The promo is applicable on any of the following bandwidth plans:
    • YahClick Lite 5GB
    • YahClick Lite 10GB
    • YahClick Empower 20GB
    • YahClick Empower 30GB
    • YahClick Premium 50GB
    • YahClick Premium 100GB
    • YahClick Premium 200GB
  2. Customers opting for the promotion will have a minimum tenure commitment of 3 months
  3. Accounts must stay on initial plan commissioned for a period of four (4) billing cycles from activation/commission date;
  4. No upgrades/downgrades to other YahClick plans until completed four (4) billing cycles
  5. Upgrade/downgrade allowed only after 4th full billing cycle
  6. Accounts must be on originally commissioned YahClick plan and have no suspend transactions during the first four (4) billing cycles
  7. Once a customer account is re-activated on one of the promotion plans, applicable charges will be billed according to the promotional plan - no refunds will be applicable in the following scenarios:
    • Termination
    • Upgrade/Downgrade
    • Seasonal Suspension
    • Non-Payment /Suspension/ Lock
  8. No lock/suspends allowed until completed four (4) full billing cycles
  9. Any lock/suspend, prior to completing four(4) full billing cycles, will be removed from eligibility of this promotion
  10. Lock/suspend allowed only after 4th full billing cycle

Please call 019033414-5, 07004973742, 08023140620 for more details

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