Hyperia Limited in partnership with Cyberoam is providing a platform to help home users and organizations secure their network by using a wide range of product offerings at the network gateway. Cyberoam leverages the power of multi-core processors, offering enterprise-grade performance, in its appliances.

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With YahClick, subscribers enjoy access to high speed broadband internet service anywhere in the coverage area, regardless of how many people live in the area, or whether the location is on top of a mountain, on the beach, or in the middle of a forest. The same YahClick high quality broadband service is available to subscribers in each country of coverage independently of the quality of traditional internet service in that country or the subscriber's physical location. YahClick allows subscribers to truly enjoy high speed broadband no matter where they are within the YahClick coverage area at an affordable cost.

Cyberoam Products Range

  • Cyberoam Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) with Layer 8 Identity-based technology offer actionable intelligence and controls to enterprises allowing complete security controls over L2-L8 for their future-ready security.

    Some of its features includes:

    -Layer 8 Identity-based Security
    -Application Visibility & Control
    -Intrusion Prevention System
    -First-of-its-kind On-appliance Reporting
    -Virtual Private Network
    -Virtual Private Network
    -Web Filtering
    -Web Application Firewall
    -QoS / Bandwidth Management

  • Cyberoam Unified Threat Management hardware appliances offer comprehensive security to organizations, ranging from large enterprises to small and branch offices. Multiple security features integrated over a single, Layer 8 Identity-based platform make security simple, yet highly effective.
    Cyberoam’s Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) and multi-core technology carry the ability to combat future threats for organizations’ security.

    Some of its features includes:

    -Advanced Application Controls
    -On-appliance Web Application Firewall
    -FleXi Ports (XP)
    -Support for new Connectivity Technologies, 4G/LTE
    -First-of-its-kind On-appliance Reporting
    -Identity-based Controls with Layer 8 Technology
    -Advanced Threat Protection
    -FUSION Technology-driven SI Firewall

  • Cyberoam iView offers centralized logging and reporting of network and user activity over multiple devices across distributed locations, providing real-time and historical information of security events to MSSPs and large enterprises.
    Available as an open source solution and as a dedicated appliance, it offers intelligent logging and reporting with Layer 8 Identity-based visibility.

    Some of its features includes:

    -Log Management
    -Aggregated Reporting
    -FleXi Ports (XP)
    -Identity-based Reporting
    -Security Management
    -Compliance Reporting
    -Forensic Analysis
    -Compatible with wide range of devices/solutions

  • Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) appliances offer the flexibility of hardware CCC appliances and virtual CCC appliances to provide centralized security management across distributed Cyberoam network security appliances, enabling high levels of security for MSSPs and large enterprises. With Layer 8 Identity-based policies and centralized reports and alerts, CCC hardware and virtual appliances provide granular security and visibility into remote and branch offices across the globe.

    Some of its features includes:

    -Centralized Policy Management & Security Updates
    -Group-based Management
    -Role-based Administrator Controls
    -Alerts and Audit Logs



Cyberoam's Application Visibility & Control feature enables prioritization of applications based on User Identity, time, applications, and bandwidth, allowing great flexibility and real L2-L8 visibility & control. Advanced application controls classify applications based on their risk level, characteristics and technology, offering more granular controls. The pro-active protection model eliminates the need for manual intervention by administrator to update policy for new applications that are being added to the list



The Web Application Firewall, available as a subscription on Cyberoam NG series UTM appliances, protects web servers and Web applications from hackers and other OWASP Top 10 Web application vulnerabilities, without the need to invest in a separate WAF appliance.


The FleXi Ports offer flexible network connectivity options and configuration freedom to organizations, with flexible I/O slots that allow additional Copper 1G, Fiber 1G/10G ports in the same security appliance.


Cyberoam makes organizations ready for high speed future over Wireless WAN with support for new connectivity technologies – 4G /LTE. Easy to deploy with a simple USB modem plug-in into Cyberoam appliance, organizations can ensure business connectivity with automatic failover to 3G / 4G / WiMAX connection, and VPN connection over 3G / 4G / WiMax.


Cyberoam NG series offers best-of-breed security of Intrusion Prevention System, Gateway Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware, Gateway Anti-Spam, Web & Content Filtering and Outbound Spam Protection to offer protection against newly evolving threats.


Cyberoam has been the first and only vendor in the industry to offer on-appliance reporting with real-time logs and reports, saving the cost of deploying a dedicated reporting solution. The 1200+ in-depth reports offer real-time visibility into user and network activities, helping organizations to manage security, display compliance and forensic analysis, unmatched by any network security vendor till date. Cyberoam reports include dynamic and animated reports, in-line graphs, and country maps.